Friday, September 3, 2010

K cause I dont actually know how to work this thing here is the rest

Okay I counted and there are 23 in all. I suddenly remembered why I cut myself off of buying any more. But you see the thing is that for some reason they are plentiful at garage sales. This one is my absolute favorite. It is actually 3 feet tall and I put my big footed bunny in it at easter and I love it so much I just left it there.
At christmas I have a nutcracker for it I will post that picture when I change it, cause I forgot to take one last year. Till next time. Frances

My obsession part deux

More from my deck. I have one that hangs on the play house but its down right now cause we are finishing the siding on it
I love the white one it is one of my favorites

13 but in my defence these where cheap at Ikea and I got the hangers at the dollar store so hardly any money at all.

These are in my sunroom.

They sit on the floor cause I havn't found a place for them yet. Along with that light fixture. I would like to hang it in my sunroom but I think it may burn the place down. Seeing as its all wood and all.

Garage sale 2/1 you know how that is

I use these in the bathroom when I want to have a bath with some candle light. its fun.

So thats not that many now is it.

My Obsession!

I have this thing for lanterns. I absolutely love them.
These are outdoor ones I got at Costco. I change the candles in the fall and again at christmas time.

These are on either side of my french doors. I put the tops of solar lights in them, just a little bit of glue to hold them there.

This year I put some rocks and shells for a summer look.

This one is my favorite. It sits on my dining room table and I change it out with the seasons. I had a bunny in it for easter this year I liked that. So like that is what 5 lanters . Thats not much of a obession don't you think?