Sunday, July 29, 2012

Myrna's House Flip

Myrna, who teaches my cooking class, has become friends with my oldest daughter and I. Her husband Jeff and her have bought 2 houses in Cambridge ont. to flip. They are hoping to help get there son established in the area as he has moved there. We had the opportunity to pay them a visit last week and I took some pics for my blog.
I wish I had a before picture but I don't ...suffice it to say this started out as a small little bungalow

the back door

I love this light they have them out side at all the doors 

You walk into this room from the side is the family room. Jeff did all the bookcases himself.. He is a master carpenter.

The kitchen with a massive island, granite and stainless steel appliances..The fridge is yet to come.

The lights above the island...they match the ones them. And this is Jeff.

The staircase going upstairs..I dont know if you can see it but there is a small medallion on the post at the bottom of the flips up and you can dismantle the railing in order to get large furniture pieces up the stairs. Genius.

the attention to detail is everywhere.

One of the stain glass windows they re purposed for the project

One of the two eating areas for the kitchen.  

I included this picture. Jeff made this clock himself  Love it

Notice the special attention to detail in this doorway.
I love this house and it is in a very nice neighbor hood . I am sure they will have no trouble selling it.
I thought I took pictures of the bedrooms but I guess I forgot.. They are not furnished anyway..
If I ever get to see some before pictures I will post them for sure.

Till next time.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alexandria Bay

The boy and I took a short trip to 1000 islands last week and I thought I would post some of the pics from the trip.
It is a beautiful area I was surprised I had never been there before.
There are 1865 islands but that just doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely haha.
Alexandria Bay dock..its a small but quaint town.

Bolt Castle

just one of many smallish cottages on its own island....what a life that would be

Lots of stone work everywhere. I don't know what this would be used as but its is beautiful to look at 

Love this one 

one of the smaller islands

We took this boat on a tour of the islands
I will do a second post on Bolt is a work in progress and has a sad love story to go with it.

Till next time, Cheers Frances