Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Louvre and a goodbye to Paris

This published without the text so that is why I am redoing it.
I have to agree with the haters this pyramid is not ugly...just not fitting for such a beautiful old building.
And in comparison to the whole building very small in the center. Makes no sense to me but....well no one asked me or I could of told them haha.

This arch is directly in front of the Louvre 

And here she is. I know there are better pictures of the Mona Lisa out there...but you can't get one at the Louvre. After all the talk about how small it was I was expecting a mini print. But was pleasantly surprised that it was quite a bit bigger than I had imagined. Now compared to the other art in the room it is small.
But really how do you be disappointed in her?  It wasn't as crowded as many have said when I was there. Lucky me.

 The Winged Victory of Samothrace  

a little lady they call Venus 

don't ask what she is thinking but I'm sure you can probably imagine.....

There is a park the is between the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.  

she is everywhere..and I could not help but smile every time I caught a glimpse of her.

the airport guy...Charles De Gaulle 

You have to take a tunnel to actually get near the Arch as the traffic is as bad as they say...its in the middle of a big round about and just never stops....ever.

one last look out the window and in no time it was time to leave 
Paris is definitely something to see.  The pace the people, who where all very friendly to mandy and I. The lack of french skills on our part and the lack on english on theirs...everyone seemed to like to talk to us in english, almost like they where practicing just as we would with our french.
It is more expensive than I could of imagined but worth the money...although any longer and I would of had to take out a mortgage on my house..I can't wait to go back to france and see the country side next time..and I will be taking a pocket translator and maybe learn a little french before I go.

Until next time
Cheers Frances

Random shots from Paris 1

The view from my hotel at night...I actually like it lit up like this....I woke up at 3 am and was surprised to see the lights had been turned off.  random

No pastry of any kind anywhere can compare......ever....

breakfast...croissant ..tea and an orange juice....6 euros...kind of pricey but very very good

saw this on my walk...plants growing on the side of a building  different but cool

This is all carved into the building...was really something to see

I would get very fat very fast...funny how the french are not fat i don't know how they do it

Okay here is a store we came across time and time again..There is one every 3 or 4 streets.
The Real McCoy   just full of all things....AMERICAN...I don't get it but oh well I guess even in France they covet america. Who knew I always thought they hated americans. Guess not.

getting fatter by the minute 

Oh and McD;s has Macaroons in all kinds of flavours...weird....didn't try them mostly cause I don't like McD's or macaroons..Had one in New York at christmas and it was seriously too sweet.

Next time my trip to the Louvre and that will pretty much wrap it up for this adventure.
 Till next time..
Cheers Frances

Monday, May 28, 2012

La Seine

As we wandered from the Eiffel Tower to the river Seine there was a tour boat...shuttle service that in the end I found to be our best chance at seeing all that we wanted in Paris, without the need for taxis for the metro. www.batobus.com For 18 euros for 2 days all the trips we wanted was just right up our alley.
 The one guide on the boat spoke pretty good english and spanish too and told us much about the sights we where seeing.

All the bridges are very ornate

This one had faces carved on each corbel

Notre Dame

This is the Grand Palais  it is so big and beautiful..I did end up walking right past it you would think I would get a better picture but alas ,,,,Photography is not my strong suite 

I did google the image this is better than mine would be anyway..it was beautiful

After a hard day and a afternoon nap we headed out for dinner...after dinner we stopped at the Officers Club for a little nitecap.
Oh did I mention our hotel was across the street from a military officers club? No well let me tell you one thing about Paris....
All the good looking french men are in Paris...I guess they don't let them leave...haha
Oh and all in uniform too..I thought Mandy was gonna have a kitten.
I would of taken some pictures of them but the french frown upon our western intrusive culture...too bad they would of been good..
Till next time....when I will continue my Paris adventure
Cheers Frances

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another flight

In my whole entire life I have never been on this many flights, 6, in only 11 days...but too soon it was time to leave Wales and go back to scotland to pick up this little girl
 Get on another one of these...although this is not the plane I took it was and Easy Jet flight this time but I forgot to take a picture...and we where off to the airport again, didn't I just arrive here less than 12 hrs ago?

 And arrived at a little airport I like to call TOTAL CHAOS  but the french prefer to call it
Charles De Gaulle. This is the busiest? I don't know but it sure is the most  chaotic airport I have ever seen. They practically let you out on the runway and it's every man for himself...haha not that bad...but close
Came with this little lady to see this other little lady...

 Don't know what to say about the Eiffel Tower that has not been said before but I was amazed. I loved it. I would of liked to go up but one of the elevators was out and the line up was...well lets just say I would still be waiting.

This is the view from our hotel room ..it was awesome
 Everywhere we walked I would catch a glimpse of her and it just made me smile. I feel the same about the Statue of Liberty... I just love her. Till next time
Cheers Frances

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mumbles Wales

Went to Mumbles a couple of times...

 Had dinner at a lovely restaurant beside the water with this group..Met my nephew that I havn't seen him since 1988. Too long..Long story not worth telling anymore..
He is a lovely boy and was most gracious too me.

Here is the main street...or at least one of them..The shops are not in just one area but seem to be in the whole town. It is very much a summer town.

 Oystermouth Castle...tried to go in but they are fixing it up for the summer so just got yelled at in Welsh I might add..haha don't know what they said but we made a run for it anyway..
 Such a beachy florida colour in Wales.

Oh to have acess to fresh caught fish like this...now this is the life..One of the many things I miss about living near the ocean.

This castle is for sale..don't know how much but we bought a Euro Millions ticket just in case we wanted to purchase it..haha didn't win, obviously

You can rent these cute little cottages by the sea, that would be fun for sure.

Had to check out the Post Office of course...happy to report all my postcards made it in record time...Way to go  Post Office.

This is Catherine Zeta Jones's house this is about as close as we could get and not get arrested..didn't see her though...oh well maybe next time
Well Till next time.
Cheers Frances