Tuesday, June 28, 2011

outdoor number sign and hose holder

I think I am truly the worst blogger ever!
I constantly forget to take the proper pictures of all the steps it takes to do a project.
Oh well no point crying about it now too late.. Anyhow Here are a few things I have picked up on my travels. The ball jars I got at a church rummage sale in Wilson NY one weekend when I was visiting my friend. All you could fit in a bag for one dollar.. It was awesome. I got 6 of them  3 small and 3 large. I had hoped I could find blue ones but these turned out to be better for what I wanted.. I picked up a bag of sea glass at Pottery Barn and some blue sand at Pier 1...I like to spread my money around haha. 

 Here are two of them sitting on my fireplace...I think they are too full but I will know where to find the sea glass if I need it for another project..
 I used dollar store chain to hang these...they had there own metal bands which made it easier for me to hang them up ...I put some blue sand and a blue tea light in these ones.  |They are hanging in my sun/screen room.. I promise to post some pictures of it soon.. They look really awesome and cost very little to put together.
 Are these not just the nicest plaques you have seen?  Haha not.. but what do you expect for 2 dollars..But I had an idea.
 oh Yeah blue spray paint...using it alot these days.
 I bough some wood  numbers at Michael's and painted them black.. I was gonna paint them on myself but I thought they might look stupid..anyway I superglued them on and hung them with a holder I also got at the dollar store.  I think it turned out pretty good... Although I am thinking of painting a black ring around the outside...we will see.

I got the idea from this Picture on the internet.. I thought the blog name was watermarked on the picture so I could credit her with the inspiration but alas it is not..If you know who this was let me know and I will give her her due..Her's looks truly awesome.

Ok here is where I really dropped the ball. I made my own hose hanger and I was sure I took pictures of all the steps..but I cannot find them/
Anyway I think it is self explanitory...  going to have to be..I got a metal spike and a 4X4 My daughters boyfriend put in in the ground for me so it would be straight.  I painted the whole thing white except the cap..blue spray paint again and hung a 2 dollar hose holder on it....And Viola ...now I do realize I got a lot of paint on the grass but the good part about that is It will be gone as soon as I cut said grass....Cant say the same about the paint in my hair on my arm my glasses and my shoes but oh well...That is just how I roll..... Everyone always knows when I have been painting that's for sure.
Any how thats all for now...mostly cause I forgot to take any more pictures but I am gonna try to be better next time...Ok?
Update.  Someone has pinned this project to Pintrest and I am getting a lot of questions on the spike I used to put it in the ground. Its is very similar to this one and in Canada they are at any lumber yard for around 8 dollars. You just hammer it into the ground and add your 4 x 4 post to it.. hope this answers anyone who is interested in this project. Cheers Frances
Until next time, Frances

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some garage sale items repurposed

This saturday was an awesome garage sailing day. I picked up this lantern for a buck.  It's the perfect blue colour.

I put a solar light in it..I just simply glued it with hot glue. The room was dark so it turned on.

I put it in my garden in the corner of my yard so now at dusk it gives off a nice glow..I like the look from inside the house and in the daytime It adds a little colour to the corner. There are too many perenials in here and the ground is rock hard so I can't dig to plant any annuals.

Here's my vegetable garden...it is doing really good this year. Last year it was total crap..but it did look good. This year I have both..I think I will put some more lettuce in so I have it for longer than a week.
 I found this mirrored tray for maybe a dollar I forget not more than that for sure. I took the mirror out and spray painted the ugly gold with a blue paint that I have.

Put the mirror back in and it looks great.

I should probably have fancy perfume bottles in it so it looks good for the picture....but....this is real life and it is on my dresser where I get dressed always. 

So my body lotion and baby powder it is.. The cabinet I got at a garage sale last year I kept meaning to put it on here..I just changed the knob to a glass one. I keep my Tiffany boxes, Birks boxes, and my snow globe from New York City and Los Angeles in here. I love it keeps them from getting dusty...I love me my Tiffany boxes. Till next time  Frances

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just a quick update and storm news

We had a terrible storm on wednesday of this week . They say it wasn't a Tornado but you would not know it from all the damage. 

 This used to be a 50ft evergreen....and now it is just a wall of dirt and roots.  The top part is now in my neighbours lawn instead...not much good horizontal

 This is whats left of the neighbour across the streets tree that landed in my front yard...and took out my internet for 4 days.. I was lucky though lots of homes where damaged but luckily no one was hurt in the storm.
 And here's an update on my kitchen.  I have this pantry underneath my stairs that I have never been able to figure out how to close in.  Its not all that pretty to look at from the kitchen table.

 So  I bought a curtain rod from the dollar store for 1.25 and put it up. Then I took the rest of my drop cloth that I had left over from the dishwasher cover up that I made and had my daughter Jaclyn sew me a hem for the top.
 The pictures don't do it justice but it actually looks a lot better now...
I have a new project coming up...that involves a post, a stake, a hook and a hose so stay tuned I hope to have it done by next weekend...I just need my daughters boyfriend to help me.  Till next time Frances