Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some garage sale items repurposed

This saturday was an awesome garage sailing day. I picked up this lantern for a buck.  It's the perfect blue colour.

I put a solar light in it..I just simply glued it with hot glue. The room was dark so it turned on.

I put it in my garden in the corner of my yard so now at dusk it gives off a nice glow..I like the look from inside the house and in the daytime It adds a little colour to the corner. There are too many perenials in here and the ground is rock hard so I can't dig to plant any annuals.

Here's my vegetable is doing really good this year. Last year it was total crap..but it did look good. This year I have both..I think I will put some more lettuce in so I have it for longer than a week.
 I found this mirrored tray for maybe a dollar I forget not more than that for sure. I took the mirror out and spray painted the ugly gold with a blue paint that I have.

Put the mirror back in and it looks great.

I should probably have fancy perfume bottles in it so it looks good for the picture....but....this is real life and it is on my dresser where I get dressed always. 

So my body lotion and baby powder it is.. The cabinet I got at a garage sale last year I kept meaning to put it on here..I just changed the knob to a glass one. I keep my Tiffany boxes, Birks boxes, and my snow globe from New York City and Los Angeles in here. I love it keeps them from getting dusty...I love me my Tiffany boxes. Till next time  Frances

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