Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How NOT to Upholster a bench

This is the little seat I had made for my mud room so you can sit on to put on your shoes at the front door.

I have been wanting to cover the seat for quite a while now. I was just using an old blanket.

Some foam and some batting to cover it.

A few staples and viola this is what I got.

I know it is less than a perfect job. But really I am the only one who will notice.

My youngest daughter made me these pillows for mothers day.
They are almost right.....

Perfect. for me anyway. Just one more job done. Only took me about 1/2 hr so not too bad.
Till next time. Have a good one. Frances.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

window boxes

I inherited some window boxes from my friend whose mom had passed away. I asked him if he would make me some brakets for them for under my front windows. The backer part ended up being a little too long and it made the boxes look to small . No problelm a little shortening and they are just fine.

I painted the to match my front door and garage door.
I added the sunshine impaitent today because the flowers are not doing well . They look a little out of place but I will make up for it in the fall when I replant them. Next year I will get my daughter who is a landscaper to plant them for me.

I will take a picture of the whole house when I tidy up the place haha could be a while.