Sunday, December 12, 2010

I went with my friend Betty yesterday on a house tour in Beaverton ont. Here are a few pictures that I was allowed to take.

This is the original front doors they are just beautiful.

This sleigh was at the Bed and Breakfast on the tour. It is called Tulip and Thistle..and I only just realised that (haha not too bright am I)

Why I have no pictures of the kitchen I do not know but it was out of this world.

Here's my lame attempt at a snow village.....these things always look better in person. I am starting to realize that I need a better camera (Ashton you lied about the coolpix it sucks)

back to the tour this is the bedroom in the B&B I dont know why but I just loved this room.

This is the garage at one of the houses. I didn't take any pictures of inside. It was a small bungalo. When I walked inside I just knew that it would be a perfect place for me..I just loved it. Not too fancy but as homey as it gets.

Anyhow I have not been blogging much I find it too time consuming but I sure do visit a lot of other blogs. I will post my christmas decorating this week. Mostly so I can remember what I did, what worked and what needs work....till next time....Frances

Monday, October 11, 2010


I thought I would show you all how I set my table for Thanksgiving this year First I used a big piece of burlap for a table cloth . I frayed the two ends and left it outside overnight because it actually has a really horrible smell to it.

I thought that even though my gold chargers actually look a little too formal that with all the other country elements they would fit in perfectly.
These white plates I got at a garage sale this year. One dollar for 10 dinner and 10 salad plates. I
told the girl it was too cheap and ended up giving her 3 dollars for the lot. Still a steal for me.

I had some small pumpkins that I had covered in floor polish so they will not rot inside the house.Orange for the guys and white for the girls. I wrote everyones name on the chalkboard tags I picked up in the summer.

I added some amber glasses that I also got in a garage sale this weekend 7 for 1dollar. No wonder I miss garage sailing when its over.

A few more pumpkins and I was done. I have decided to get a bigger table before Christmas as I am sick of this one that is too small. Ihave no room for a centerpiece or any food. So I am going to go find one this week. It has to be 8 ft. because the bench I have bought for the one side seating is 7 and 1/2 ft. long. Then I will have more room for everything and everyone.

Till next time, be good, Frances

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just some cute Halloween Treats at the chocolate factory inside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I was there for 4 days last week. My first time in Vegas. I think everyone should see it at least once. I dont think I have ever been anywhere quite like it. It and the fact that Thanksgiving is on Monday got me thinking its time to start my fall decorating. First things first. I started with my urns in front of my house.

I tried it first with just the pumpkins and some gourds around the bottom, but it didn't look quite right.

So I went to the hardware store and bought me a big roll of burlap. I have seen it used many times and in many ways here in Blogland.

I wrapped it around the bottom of the pumpkin and added the gourds and baby pumpkins. I think it looks much better. I also added a garland of fall leaves. Not bad. I usually have a bale of hay and decorate it but last year the squirrels and the racoons kept taking all my stuff. And since I love my squirrels and I don' want to get mad at them, I have passed on that for this year.

Here is a cute little pumpkin face I got from a girl at work. Her friend is making them 10 dollars each. I thought it was cute and a great price so I bought me one.
It is just a slice of a log with two little hearts for eyes and a few more pieces to make a nose and mouth. I like it. Till next time, be good, Frances

Friday, September 3, 2010

K cause I dont actually know how to work this thing here is the rest

Okay I counted and there are 23 in all. I suddenly remembered why I cut myself off of buying any more. But you see the thing is that for some reason they are plentiful at garage sales. This one is my absolute favorite. It is actually 3 feet tall and I put my big footed bunny in it at easter and I love it so much I just left it there.
At christmas I have a nutcracker for it I will post that picture when I change it, cause I forgot to take one last year. Till next time. Frances

My obsession part deux

More from my deck. I have one that hangs on the play house but its down right now cause we are finishing the siding on it
I love the white one it is one of my favorites

13 but in my defence these where cheap at Ikea and I got the hangers at the dollar store so hardly any money at all.

These are in my sunroom.

They sit on the floor cause I havn't found a place for them yet. Along with that light fixture. I would like to hang it in my sunroom but I think it may burn the place down. Seeing as its all wood and all.

Garage sale 2/1 you know how that is

I use these in the bathroom when I want to have a bath with some candle light. its fun.

So thats not that many now is it.

My Obsession!

I have this thing for lanterns. I absolutely love them.
These are outdoor ones I got at Costco. I change the candles in the fall and again at christmas time.

These are on either side of my french doors. I put the tops of solar lights in them, just a little bit of glue to hold them there.

This year I put some rocks and shells for a summer look.

This one is my favorite. It sits on my dining room table and I change it out with the seasons. I had a bunny in it for easter this year I liked that. So like that is what 5 lanters . Thats not much of a obession don't you think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How NOT to Upholster a bench

This is the little seat I had made for my mud room so you can sit on to put on your shoes at the front door.

I have been wanting to cover the seat for quite a while now. I was just using an old blanket.

Some foam and some batting to cover it.

A few staples and viola this is what I got.

I know it is less than a perfect job. But really I am the only one who will notice.

My youngest daughter made me these pillows for mothers day.
They are almost right.....

Perfect. for me anyway. Just one more job done. Only took me about 1/2 hr so not too bad.
Till next time. Have a good one. Frances.