Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jaclyn's 25th Birthday

Here is the picture I bought for my oldest daughters 25th . Trisha Romance "The Bakery" 
 My oldest son got him a mechanics tool chest....
sorry for the crappy this on the Canadian Tire website

My youngest daughters 25th is tomorrow and she wanted a dressmakers form
picked one up at Fabricland last week...She is very I am sure they all are with there gifts...
I have always thought 25 is really a turning point in your life and I have tried to get them all things they will have ...for long after I am gone.
Not that I think they will forget me but I dont have anything from my mother and it kind of bothers me..So I don't want that to happen to them.

Just a few more goodies I got for her big prezzie was a lot less than the other one's. Gotta keep it fair haha.

I know she doesn't hardly read my blog so this is what I got her at Pandora..I hope she likes them..

While I was shopping picked up a few things for my self..Martha at Stapels ...just a to do list for the fridge..
 A bottle of french wine....a dry white
Rothchild thought it sounded French haha gotta practice for my big trip ...might drink a few glasses when I am away..

And the one thing I have wanted most of all ....a decent camera that I can take pictures with..The Canon sureshot...The pictures on here are from it and I can see a world of difference already...I hate my coolpix.

Can't wait for my holiday to get some decent shots...hopefully a day in London...will be on the adgenda have to wait and see..

Happy Birthday to my little Jaclyn....Mommy loves you..

Till next time,,,,Cheers Frances