Thursday, December 15, 2011

Outside at Christmas

I thought I should post some pictures from outside at Christmas .
 Here is my window box. I wrapped it in red ribbon and attached a bow. I saw this all over blog land and I actually like it. I was thinking I could leave it up till after valentines..and then change it to something for easter and then spring awesome...we will see how that goes.
 I bought a ton of candles at Ikea when they where on for a buck...wish I had gotten even more, I put some lanterns in the middle of my window boxes. I think it looks pretty good. I really wanted to use real wreaths this year. They sell them all over the place for 10 dollars. But when I went to get some it turned out they where small and ugly so I just stuck with what I had.
 I added a few birch branches to my urns.. that is a first for me. They look pretty good.

this is just my other window box. Same as the other one.We haven't had any snow to speak of.  Hard to get in the spirit. Hopefully soon...but not on Christmas day as my Daughter and her family are coming home for christmas and I would rather them safe than trying to drive 2 hrs in the snow.
I just had to show this picture I took outside Sak's 5th Ave on Tuesday morning at 10 am. I finally asked the woman officer if they where maybe guarding someone important. She said oh no we are just here to help you feel safe.
Now I don't know about you but a swat team with machine guns (yes they are carrying machine guns) Outside a department store is just not doing it for me..I was actually scared shitless. My friend didn't even want me to take a picture in case we got in trouble.. Weird eh? and only in New York City.. well till next time Frances

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas day no. oh whatever

Okay I am a bad blogger I know anyway moving on ...cause me beating myself up about it is not gonna help.
I saw the wine bottle toppers when I was at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago.. I love the one on the right.
As with all cute things at Pottery Barn, most especially in was out of my price range

 At my cooking class last week I happened on this one for $5.00 I could not believe it.. I thought it would be perfect for my home bar.
 My friend Betty is up from the states and she brought me 2 bottles of Andres Champagne...I am saving for Christmas...Thanks Betty. now my bar has a few bottles of wine....have to have her stocked by Christmas...
Cheers...Till next time, Frances

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas 2011 day 2

Now that I have my island in my kitchen 
I have no room for my bakers rack. I ended up putting it in my office area....and turned it into a bar area of all things. Probably doesn't sound too funny unless you know me...I don't actually drink alcohol...a little wine but not much else. 
But you know for someone who doesn't drink I sure seem to have all the little do dads that go with it. 
I am wondering what kind of alcohol to buy to have a good mix just in case the occasion arises? Any ideas?
 Oh and I put up my star "Tis the Season" hanger Just to keep up with my once a day something Christmas challenge.  Lame I know but the best I could do...

 some seasonal cheese spreaders...nice
 There is not a day 3 post because I had to go to Wal Mart today to get not 1 but 3 copies of Call of Duty for my 16 yr old son and a few of his friends so they could start playing the second they got home from school..
And this little item has been taking up a bit of my time. I  made banana cupcakes yesterday to take to work..but Aidan ate them all so I had to make another batch today..
 Who would of thunk it....I am so in love with my mixer and my new island they both make me smile when ever I see them...
Well till next time, Frances

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Kitchen Island

I have wanted a kitchen island since I remodeled this kitchen 4 years ago.  It was supposed to be a flip house but It hasn't tuned out that way
I went to the lumber yard a few weeks ago and got me some melamine shelving and a few packages of beadboard.
Then I was off to Ikea and bought one of there butcher block counter tops. My daughters boyfriend Jay who is a master carpenter took my wood and my plans and came up with what I have below.
 It has only been here for 10 minutes and it is already full of all the stuff I wanted to store in it. Now I will have oodles of counter space, sadly lacking in this kitchen. And somewhere to put all my gadgets so I will have an easier time using them.

These stools I bought a few years ago from Pier 1 and they cost me  a lot of money have been sitting in my garage rotting for 4 years..I have been dying to get them into this kitchen.
The island is not finished yet..trying to decide whether to paint it the same colour as my backsplace a pale green or choose a new colour and repaint the backsplash?  Anyway 2 posts in one day a record for me but I could not wait to show this  I just LOVE it. 

Oh and speaking of love here' s my christmas present I got for myself...sweet.  Till next time, Frances

Christmas 2011 The Beginning day 1

I have decided that this year I am going to go over the top when it comes to christmas decorating.. I know I do every year ...but this year is going to be different. Seriously
 I want to keep a log on my blog as to what I do so next year I will remember what worked and what didn't and not have to rely on my memory.
Also it will help me get my a** off the couch as I have become somewhat of a couch potatoe these days.
For the first year in a very long time I am almost fully booked up pretty much every weekend till Christmas so I thought well I am doing enough I really should be blogging about it. Above is one of the lanterns I have on the side of my house outside my triple french doors....I have them filled with blue stones and seashells for summer...
 Last nite on the way home from Toronto I stopped at Ikea and picked up a few of these beautys..19.99 I mean seriously how much cheaper do you want them? (yes I know I am not allowed to buy any more lanterns due to my addiction but come on.)
Anyhow  I knew they would be perfect for switching out with the old black ones for the winter.
And here you I realize its only a small change but its a start on my Christmas decorating. I did buy to big red candles for them but I put my solar lights in them instead that way they are lit every nite and not just when I can be bothered to go light them...Anyway candles do not fare too well on this side of the house.
The ones I used in the summer literally melted all over my wood deck and have made a right mess.
Anyway that's about it for today, it is so beautiful out I am trying to get some things done before dark with my extra hour..
There are 48 days left till Christmas and I want to be prepared  this is a good first if small step
Till next time, Frances

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I couldn't let today pass without saying something..I could talk about the lives many...about the firemen and police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice just doing there job...The many theory's about what really happened that day....Who did it  what really happened?
All the changes in my life...some small some big that are a direct result of it all..
But  I guess being the eternal optomist that I am I just want to think about hope...for the future. I want my kids and grandkids and there kids to live in a world that is safer than it seems to be right now...I don't know exactly how we achieve that...but I think if we all just concentrate on raising good children who grow up to be caring adults , who value life it would be  a good start.

If I had one wish I would wish that this never happened..
I hope God will look out for each and everyone of us on this 10th anniversary and keep us all safe.
Till next time  Frances

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pollards Auction Barn

I Went to Pollards Auction Barn on Labour Day Monday.  They save all their good stuff for the long weekends. The next one will be Thanksgiving.

 Here's the barn, its on Kennedy Rd in Keswick Ont.   I have been going there since 1983.  Man am I old.
 Here is a shot of Danny Can't really see him that well. He is just under the light.  Danny took over from his Dad who sadly passed away a few years ago.

 I love going to the auction and today I had a mission.

Managed to get these canning jars for $2 each.  And they are the blue ones I have been looking everywhere for.
 But here is my real prize.. I have been trying to replace a sail boat I had bought at Restoration Hardware a few years ago,,,that I had given as a gift...but had never been able to find another one I liked as much till now.
Now Danny says this is a replica of the BlueNose but I am not so sure of that..I love it anyway and It was only $100  kind of high but I know they are few and far between in my neck of the I am happy..

 Don't know where I am gonna put it yet but I will figure it out.
A month or so ago I was at the auction and they had an Ikea sofa with a very ugly red cover...but underneath It was in perfect shape...I had a cover for an Ikea sofa that did not fit my for $65 I got the sofa and it also came with a second cover that is white and beige is perfect now I have a all white sofa...It has been 6 weeks or so and I have not had to wash it yet so that is good.
Just have to find the right spot to put my boat....
Till next time   Frances
Here's a link to Pollards if your interested

Friday, July 8, 2011

Today I made my bed

I know what your thinking shouldn't I do that everyday?  Well since I bought my new bedding I actually have.
I got the striped coverlet at HomeGoods in Buffalo on a recent trip I took.
And then this weekend I spent the 4th at my friends farm in wilson ny. It's awesome there and I will blog about it soon.
Anyhow here is the lamp I picked up at a garage sale last goes in the "what was I thinking" pile, cause I seriously do not know what I was thinking.

Quick trip to HomeGoods and I picked up this lamp it matches the pillow I bought at Homesense here in Newmarket.
 You can see when the light is off that it is the same shade of blue as the pillow...I love it and it goes with the beachy look of the room better.

 I love this pillow. It was19.99 at HomeSense.  Ralph Lauren.  But you see I have a secret I am hiding.. I acutally bought the pillow to go on a chair in my bedroom. I thought it would help it tie in with the new colours I have used.  But alas.....

Here is my chair..Oh wait you can't actually see it can you?
I know what you are thinking....I must of just got home from some fabulous holiday somewhere with all the clothes I own.....Yeah ...not so much...You see last year when I went to Vegas in late September I just put all my summer clothes in my suit case to store them for the winter.....It was a great idea...I took them out oh lets say a month or so ago to switch them out with the winter clothes I hopefully wont need for a while...and here it sits. Oh and the other lamp in my bedroom well its on the floor now because I moved my dresser.  And that is where it usually sits so I have been looking for a small table I want to paint the same colour as my little vanity mirror I painted a few posts ago...All in good time ...It's kind of hard to do stuff in the house when you have no air conditioning and its like 100 degrees upstairs....Hope to find one this weekend when I am garage sailing... Till next time, Frances

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

outdoor number sign and hose holder

I think I am truly the worst blogger ever!
I constantly forget to take the proper pictures of all the steps it takes to do a project.
Oh well no point crying about it now too late.. Anyhow Here are a few things I have picked up on my travels. The ball jars I got at a church rummage sale in Wilson NY one weekend when I was visiting my friend. All you could fit in a bag for one dollar.. It was awesome. I got 6 of them  3 small and 3 large. I had hoped I could find blue ones but these turned out to be better for what I wanted.. I picked up a bag of sea glass at Pottery Barn and some blue sand at Pier 1...I like to spread my money around haha. 

 Here are two of them sitting on my fireplace...I think they are too full but I will know where to find the sea glass if I need it for another project..
 I used dollar store chain to hang these...they had there own metal bands which made it easier for me to hang them up ...I put some blue sand and a blue tea light in these ones.  |They are hanging in my sun/screen room.. I promise to post some pictures of it soon.. They look really awesome and cost very little to put together.
 Are these not just the nicest plaques you have seen?  Haha not.. but what do you expect for 2 dollars..But I had an idea.
 oh Yeah blue spray paint...using it alot these days.
 I bough some wood  numbers at Michael's and painted them black.. I was gonna paint them on myself but I thought they might look stupid..anyway I superglued them on and hung them with a holder I also got at the dollar store.  I think it turned out pretty good... Although I am thinking of painting a black ring around the outside...we will see.

I got the idea from this Picture on the internet.. I thought the blog name was watermarked on the picture so I could credit her with the inspiration but alas it is not..If you know who this was let me know and I will give her her due..Her's looks truly awesome.

Ok here is where I really dropped the ball. I made my own hose hanger and I was sure I took pictures of all the steps..but I cannot find them/
Anyway I think it is self explanitory...  going to have to be..I got a metal spike and a 4X4 My daughters boyfriend put in in the ground for me so it would be straight.  I painted the whole thing white except the spray paint again and hung a 2 dollar hose holder on it....And Viola I do realize I got a lot of paint on the grass but the good part about that is It will be gone as soon as I cut said grass....Cant say the same about the paint in my hair on my arm my glasses and my shoes but oh well...That is just how I roll..... Everyone always knows when I have been painting that's for sure.
Any how thats all for now...mostly cause I forgot to take any more pictures but I am gonna try to be better next time...Ok?
Update.  Someone has pinned this project to Pintrest and I am getting a lot of questions on the spike I used to put it in the ground. Its is very similar to this one and in Canada they are at any lumber yard for around 8 dollars. You just hammer it into the ground and add your 4 x 4 post to it.. hope this answers anyone who is interested in this project. Cheers Frances
Until next time, Frances

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some garage sale items repurposed

This saturday was an awesome garage sailing day. I picked up this lantern for a buck.  It's the perfect blue colour.

I put a solar light in it..I just simply glued it with hot glue. The room was dark so it turned on.

I put it in my garden in the corner of my yard so now at dusk it gives off a nice glow..I like the look from inside the house and in the daytime It adds a little colour to the corner. There are too many perenials in here and the ground is rock hard so I can't dig to plant any annuals.

Here's my vegetable is doing really good this year. Last year it was total crap..but it did look good. This year I have both..I think I will put some more lettuce in so I have it for longer than a week.
 I found this mirrored tray for maybe a dollar I forget not more than that for sure. I took the mirror out and spray painted the ugly gold with a blue paint that I have.

Put the mirror back in and it looks great.

I should probably have fancy perfume bottles in it so it looks good for the picture....but....this is real life and it is on my dresser where I get dressed always. 

So my body lotion and baby powder it is.. The cabinet I got at a garage sale last year I kept meaning to put it on here..I just changed the knob to a glass one. I keep my Tiffany boxes, Birks boxes, and my snow globe from New York City and Los Angeles in here. I love it keeps them from getting dusty...I love me my Tiffany boxes. Till next time  Frances