Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas day no. oh whatever

Okay I am a bad blogger I know anyway moving on ...cause me beating myself up about it is not gonna help.
I saw the wine bottle toppers when I was at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago.. I love the one on the right.
As with all cute things at Pottery Barn, most especially in was out of my price range

 At my cooking class last week I happened on this one for $5.00 I could not believe it.. I thought it would be perfect for my home bar.
 My friend Betty is up from the states and she brought me 2 bottles of Andres Champagne...I am saving for Christmas...Thanks Betty. now my bar has a few bottles of wine....have to have her stocked by Christmas...
Cheers...Till next time, Frances


  1. Love this!

    Have a great time in NYC! And the tree you asked about on my post was in Henri Bendel :)


  2. Dont worry, us kids will be there to empty it for you soon!