Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Kitchen Island

I have wanted a kitchen island since I remodeled this kitchen 4 years ago.  It was supposed to be a flip house but It hasn't tuned out that way
I went to the lumber yard a few weeks ago and got me some melamine shelving and a few packages of beadboard.
Then I was off to Ikea and bought one of there butcher block counter tops. My daughters boyfriend Jay who is a master carpenter took my wood and my plans and came up with what I have below.
 It has only been here for 10 minutes and it is already full of all the stuff I wanted to store in it. Now I will have oodles of counter space, sadly lacking in this kitchen. And somewhere to put all my gadgets so I will have an easier time using them.

These stools I bought a few years ago from Pier 1 and they cost me  a lot of money have been sitting in my garage rotting for 4 years..I have been dying to get them into this kitchen.
The island is not finished yet..trying to decide whether to paint it the same colour as my backsplace a pale green or choose a new colour and repaint the backsplash?  Anyway 2 posts in one day a record for me but I could not wait to show this  I just LOVE it. 

Oh and speaking of love here' s my christmas present I got for myself...sweet.  Till next time, Frances


  1. The island looks great and the mixer is awesome! Dont return it this time ;)

  2. I cant I gave away the box with the old mixer betty gave me to Jaclyn. so there would be no chance haha.

  3. Great idea for an island. I have been dying to put an island in my kitchen (unfortunately not enough room). Yours is a perfect solution though. Aren't Kitchen Aid mixers the best? I used all of the giftcards we received for our wedding to buy one. I knew it was something I wanted, but would NEVER buy one for myself :).