Sunday, February 14, 2010


I find that not having a significant other can be quite hard on a girl at Valentine's. Lucky for me I have a wonderful family who make me feel loved not just today but everyday.
I thought I would post some pictures of all the valentines decorating I have in my house, funnily enough all year round not just today.
This is my headboard that usually is just plain, but I was at Homesense and picked up this little heart garland and knew this would be the perfect place for it. The love letters above my bed usually say NOEL. But with a little creative reworking I changed it to LOVE.
Here's my little cloche I picked it up at Liquidation world 3 for 7.77 what a steal and the cake plate I had from the summer garage sales. Probably was 1.00 if that. I made dozens of cupcakes and gave them to all the people I love.

I was home at lunch time by myself and I thought why not. french toast in the shape of a heart. If you know me you will know this is my California breakfast I love to make in the winter to remind me of my many trips out west.

Too cute and on clearance at a store in cannington called Jingles. Ahh to be so in love.

My favorite saying and as I get older harder to do. I think falling in love is simpler when you are young.

And a pretty pink feather wreath for my door.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hopefully My New Office space

I have this room at the back of my house that I just don't seem to know what to do with it.
In the end it has become a catchall for junk I have nowhere else for.
Hopefully that will all change as I have come up with a plan to turn this junk room into an office.
My need for an office surfaced when I realized I had sent some very important papers to the wrong place and the 3 month delay has forced me to cancel my planned trip to Europe in May.
I am none too happy about that but oh well there will always be Paris and someday I will get there.
I have already purchased a few items for this room and I will take some new pictures when I get it set up.