Friday, July 8, 2011

Today I made my bed

I know what your thinking shouldn't I do that everyday?  Well since I bought my new bedding I actually have.
I got the striped coverlet at HomeGoods in Buffalo on a recent trip I took.
And then this weekend I spent the 4th at my friends farm in wilson ny. It's awesome there and I will blog about it soon.
Anyhow here is the lamp I picked up at a garage sale last goes in the "what was I thinking" pile, cause I seriously do not know what I was thinking.

Quick trip to HomeGoods and I picked up this lamp it matches the pillow I bought at Homesense here in Newmarket.
 You can see when the light is off that it is the same shade of blue as the pillow...I love it and it goes with the beachy look of the room better.

 I love this pillow. It was19.99 at HomeSense.  Ralph Lauren.  But you see I have a secret I am hiding.. I acutally bought the pillow to go on a chair in my bedroom. I thought it would help it tie in with the new colours I have used.  But alas.....

Here is my chair..Oh wait you can't actually see it can you?
I know what you are thinking....I must of just got home from some fabulous holiday somewhere with all the clothes I own.....Yeah ...not so much...You see last year when I went to Vegas in late September I just put all my summer clothes in my suit case to store them for the winter.....It was a great idea...I took them out oh lets say a month or so ago to switch them out with the winter clothes I hopefully wont need for a while...and here it sits. Oh and the other lamp in my bedroom well its on the floor now because I moved my dresser.  And that is where it usually sits so I have been looking for a small table I want to paint the same colour as my little vanity mirror I painted a few posts ago...All in good time ...It's kind of hard to do stuff in the house when you have no air conditioning and its like 100 degrees upstairs....Hope to find one this weekend when I am garage sailing... Till next time, Frances


  1. Your bed looks wonderful! I love the blue ~ it's so fresh and summery!

  2. Thanks Pam I appreciate the comment and visit.Frances

  3. Your bed looks great! I had to laugh at your "what was I thinking pile" comment. I totally have a pile like that at my house :)

  4. I just love the coverlet. So beachey!

  5. I love the lamp! I have a thing for polka dots:) Thanks so much for visiting my site. You were my first comment!