Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random shots from Paris 1

The view from my hotel at night...I actually like it lit up like this....I woke up at 3 am and was surprised to see the lights had been turned off.  random

No pastry of any kind anywhere can compare......ever....

breakfast...croissant ..tea and an orange juice....6 euros...kind of pricey but very very good

saw this on my walk...plants growing on the side of a building  different but cool

This is all carved into the building...was really something to see

I would get very fat very fast...funny how the french are not fat i don't know how they do it

Okay here is a store we came across time and time again..There is one every 3 or 4 streets.
The Real McCoy   just full of all things....AMERICAN...I don't get it but oh well I guess even in France they covet america. Who knew I always thought they hated americans. Guess not.

getting fatter by the minute 

Oh and McD;s has Macaroons in all kinds of flavours...weird....didn't try them mostly cause I don't like McD's or macaroons..Had one in New York at christmas and it was seriously too sweet.

Next time my trip to the Louvre and that will pretty much wrap it up for this adventure.
 Till next time..
Cheers Frances


  1. What a lovely trip! My mom and hope to visit Paris within the next year. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    1. Angela Paris should be on everyones must see list..so beautiful...overwhelming. Cheers Frances