Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canada Day at bit late

Here is the house done up for Canada Day I know that was a while ago but it has been too hot to post on the blog. The buntings I found at tbs stores. The one in Keswick only had 1 so I called all over and drove 130km round trip to get the other one. I would of bought all they had but that was indeed all they had. And they only cost 1.25 now what is up with that. Here is hoping they carry them again next year because I will get all I can.
Next week we are going to do a few fixups on the outside so I will post a new picture soon. The window boxes have to be hung and little odds and ends.
I painted the front door and I am hoping to make a new number sign so people can find the house.take care for now , frances.


  1. You should have told me about the buntings, I could have checked at the store near us! I like the colour of the front door, looks kind of like my room. I'm thinking of repainting my kitchen the same colour. Bored with it being brown.

  2. What a charming entrance. I am crazy for blue doors.