Monday, January 2, 2012

My youngest daughter Jaclyn asked me what I wanted for Christmas? I told her I wanted a fly through  bird feeder. I even sent her some pictures to give her an idea of what I meant.
 But I would prefer it if she made it herself or at least got help from her wonderful boyfriend ,,who by the way built my kitchen island.
She told me christmas morning that there was a delay in my gift but she would have it to me by dinner time that night..
When they arrived I went to the front door to greet them and she said mommy just go in the kitchen for a minute.
What she doesn't know is I caught a glimpse of something before I did and I was standing in the kitchen so happy saying OMG I love it.. And here it is...

And I it that is.
It is truly awesome...I love love love it...When the spring comes I am going to put a post in my yard and put it on top..I hope the birds like it....I know them squirrels sure will haha. Thanks Jaclyn and Jay I love it...oh and Jay I have like a million things I would love you to build for I will be buttering you up all winter...I see a picket fence in my future...Whoo Hoo love having a fine carpenter in the family...
Cheers till next time, Frances


  1. Jay did such an awesome job. I have a bookshelf, computer desk, wine station and possibly a pantry that I need built for my kitchen. Need to find a way to get them down here!

  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for the correction on my blog! I am following you now, Canada seems to have the best bloggers!

  3. It's all that snow gives us lots of time to work on the inside of our homes I guess haha Thanks for following..I am hoping to do more with my blog this year...of course that's what I said last year too...oh well Frances

  4. Hello fellow "thistler"....I love that birdhouse! I have never heard of a "fly-through bird house before." Fabulous!