Saturday, June 16, 2012

Highland Games

Went to the Georgina Highland Games today.
Irn Bru the nation drink of Scotland...besides Scotch that is haha
It was very hot and sunny so had to have me a few of these.....

scotch pie
 Then I was starving so I had one of these beans though kind of missed that. 

 They had dance competitions all day...these kids where all fantastic....

 Out came the bagpipes and a round of Scotland the Brave..I did take a video but blogger wont let me upload it don't know why.

some of these kids where no more than 3 and did a great job  Highland dancing takes a lot of skill

 Was a great day all round...watched the games between the police and the firemen  Caber toss and all.  Not as easy at it looks.
Till next time...Cheers Frances

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  1. Looks very cool! We have a big one here in the Summer, I think its in Fergus. Haven't been but would like to soon! Love you