Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Springtime, supposedly. Time to start to plant my urns.
I took all the christmas greens out and they looked so bare.
 I picked up some fake pussywillow branches from Dollarama $1.00 cant beat that , and they will last longer than the real ones that tend to bloom soon after you cut them I notice.
 Picked up a couple of pots of Daffodils and a tray of assorted pansy's in spring like colours.

 I know they say "more is less" but when it comes to flowers I think the opposite is true.

I added my pussy willows and I think it looks quite springy too me. It has been a slow start to spring in these parts.

Here they are both done.  I think I like them and they should fill out soon as they are calling for rain for the next 2 I know why people go south in the spring....the wait is horrendous. 
Till next time, Frances

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  1. Love them! I should have had you do mine when you were here! I always leave mine bare in the Spring and regret not buying daffodils and pansy's every year. Oh well....