Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Cover Up

Here is the space in my Kitchen where the dishwasher should be.  Because this is a house we intend to flip (eventually) I never installed a dishwasher. I keep my garbage can and recycling bins here. It is very ugly and ruins the look of the kitchen.

I went to the hardware store and I picked up this curtain rod for 4 bucks...pretty cheap.

 Perfect and so simple.
 I had previously purchased a canvas drop cloth to use for...something I wasn't quite sure yet what..but I cut a piece 1 1/2 the width of the opening.. I just hung the cloth over the rod for now..till I can get my daughter to sew it for me..I have no talent in that direction sadly.

It turned out pretty awesome I think...at least I dont have to look at the garbage cans any longer..
Till next time...Frances


  1. Looks good, but my dogs will still find a way to get in there LOL

  2. Hi Frances, I found you from another blog, I'm not far from you ... we're in Pefferlaw. Love your fix to hide the garbage bins (and your apron sink!)


  3. Thank you Jo for you nice comments. i am following your blog.have a good day